The MULTITEL name is a reference for everybody involved with aerial access.

This trademark was created at the end of the 1970s to distinguish a range of aerial equipment, manufactured by MULTITEL PAGLIERO SPA, a company established back in 1911, which looks back on fifty years of experience, in the field of hydraulics, applied to lifting and access equipment.

It was in the 1970s that the demand for equipment arose, allowing for quick and safe ways to carry out work at heights. MULTITEL PAGLIERO SPA, answering to its pioneering mentality and experience, fulfilled this demand with the introduction of its manufacturing philosophy on this range, i.e. to supply reliable products with ease in operation and large safety margins.


In the course of its production evolution, Multitel Pagliero had a great idea: aluminium. Backed up by its historical experience in the field of hydraulics applied to lifting equipment, in the 1980s the company designed the first vehicles with structural elements in aluminium. 

Research and development made it possible to extend the use of this strong but light material which weighs a third of the material considered the undisputed leader, steel.